Best Golf Rangefinder


What Is A Golf Rangefinder?

In golf, the distance is an essential element that must always be taken into account for success.

While professional and experienced golfers can estimate it with markers and physical things like shrubs and trees is not always accurate.

A golf distance meter is what you need for accurate and reliable data. It is the device that golfer use to determine the distance to fixpoints, such as the flag, green or danger.

Distance Meter Golf can be a stand-alone device that carries you like a watch or clip on something, or you can install your software on an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet.

There are two types of golf distance meters that are GPS distance meters and laser distance meters.

While both you can determine exactly the distance, they have some advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding the merits and disadvantages of each of the two types is what will help you choose the best for your game.


Why should you use a rangefinder?

Many of you may wonder about the importance of using golf range finder Golf while playing sports. Well, here are a few benefits why using the device while playing.

Speeding up the game: Playing golf can be a time consuming task. You can get more dangerous if you often end up in water or raw hazards.

Using Rangefinder Golf can help you easily overcome these risks and accelerate the pace of the game.

Help you play more professionally: With the help of Rangefinder Golf, you can easily measure the distance to various stationary objects on a golf course. This can help you easily avoid them and also play like a professional

Benefits why you need a range finder to get better on the game

If you finally know the actual distance of all your goals

You finally know the actual distance from your shots

Knowing the right distance to your goal can mean the difference between donating a ball to water gods and giving yourself an opportunity to birds.

how to use the rangefinder device

Any piece of electronics will have a slight learning curve and rangefinders are no exception.

The real consideration is whether you’re able to grab the unit from your bag easily and find the target quickly before shooting.

The button-pressing and getting a reading back is a second or less, so you can’t get much easier than that.


Which Type Of Golf Rangefinder Is Best For You?

What kind of Golf Rangefinder is best for you?

There are many ways that amateur golfers and pro can improve their game advantages, but the use of golf laser rangefinders is probably one of the most useful.

These devices may not give you tips on how to improve your swing or anything close to it but the information you get from this machine will help you a lot.

Although these devices have been around for only a few years, they have made a great impact on the game.

It is this effect which led to the development of various kinds of golf rangefinders and similar devices.

This Golf Rangefinder guide will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of golf rangefinders currently available in the market.


What do you need to be aware of when you buy


Can bear any sudden rain? What if you drop it or it drops from your shopping cart to a pool? Water is the enemy of any electronic device because it erodes metal elements inside.

The plastic and composite rubber that make up the shells comes launch the company has gotten much better over the years making it more resistant to water damage, but if you play in rainy conditions often, you will want a waterproof ranger.

The Poshanel Pro X7, we have the best RangerFender winner, the Z6 waterproof shake while the V2, V3 and V4 are not. The Leopold G series is also waterproof, though not as good as the Bushnell.



A high quality golf rangefinder will cost between $ 98 USD and $ 600 USD.

The reason for such a big difference in price points is the huge amount of different features you can pack into the device.

When you pay for a high quality golf rangefinder, you’ll see that the added benefits of enhanced technology increase the accuracy of the device you’re using.

For a beginner golfer or someone who begins to practice his game, I would recommend starting a lower scale of prize points.

A $ 100 USD Golf Rangefinder can not be as accurate as any of the top of the line models, but it will still get the job done.



First of all, a good golf rangefinder needs to have a maximum distance of reasonable distance.

Typically, the Rangefinders on the market have a range of 1-1500 meters but this varies from model to model.

Boshnil is recommended once again for its ranges and brand is also famous for its work under many climatic conditions and its results always come out clear and truly accurate.

Watch the stars review

While you will go on the market not only see the details of the products but also you can see the star review of the products that were given by the consumer. From there you can get an idea of the quality of the product.



Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder








        • USGA approved
        • Case included
        • Rainproof
        • Ease of Use
        • Reasonable price


        • Only 5x magnification